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Become a Member

Membership Rates
Juvenile Membership(under 18)*                                                                                                                                                                     €50
Adult Membership(over 18)*^                                                                                                                                                                          €100
Family Membership
(Two Parents/Guardians and their children under 18 for more clarification see Club information booklet)                                        €170

Note: Club membership includes Canoeing Ireland registration (€30 adult. €10 junior)
– Reduced rate applies for the first year after a course: €60 Adults, €30 Junior’s
* Indicates that an adult member has voting rights for AGM, EGM, etc.
^ Members already registered with Canoeing Ireland (CI) for the Phoenix
Kayak Club membership period, may avail of a rate reduction of €30 adults / €10 juniors.

Club Membership – How to Join
Membership is open to all individuals over the age of 12. This age limit is in place due to guidelines in place by the Canoeing Ireland and our Insurers,therefore this is not negotiable.

Membership runs from the 1st of January every year so therefore people joining late in the year who have not completed a course will still have to pay the full Membership rate.

Membership can only be obtained by people who hold a minimum of Level 2 proficiency.

Full annual membership of Phoenix Kayak Club is available to anyone who holds a level 2 kayaking award.
Joining is easy and has lots of benefits:
You get to try out all of the club boats and kayaking gear! River kayaks, racing boats, creek kayaks, play boats, sea kayaks, Canadian canoes!

Phoenix has a host of boats built up over many years and as a member you have access to them all. In addition the club provides cags, buoyancy aids, helmets, spray decks and a selection of paddles providing you with the essential equipment you need to get on the water. You get use of all the club equipment. You do not need to buy any gear at all when you join! Turn up, pick your boat, paddle, helmet, spray deck, buoyancy aid and go paddling! A great way to get into the sport without the usual expense.

There is no off-season, the Club peer paddles are year round. In fact there are on average 2 outings per week, in the summer months, and at least 1 a week in the winter months so there is no off-season. Club trips are varied throughout the year so you get to try all the different types of kayaking – rivers, sea, surf, freestyle In addition to club nights we organize club weekends away in Ireland and even the occasional overseas adventure!We have gone to the French Alps in 2015 and 2016 If that’s not enough, as you build your confidence and experience, you can rent kayaks for your own personal use and of course any suggestions for trips and weekends away are welcome from all members.

You benefit from our experience! Phoenix has been on the water since the early 1980s and the enthusiasm that brought together what was originally a roof rack club still exists in the club today. We are a volunteer amateur sports club made up of like-minded people, keen to stay fit, enjoy each others company and the great outdoors, on the water! As a member of the club you will learn from more experienced kayakers in the club; increase your skills constantly with ongoing grading courses and most importantly have fun in a club of like minded people with a love for paddling.

To learn more about kayaking with Phoenix drop us a line at or send us a message on our facebook page!

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